Vancouver, BC

Year Playing

Too many. Far too many.

Tables Played On

Tournament Soccer, Premier, Pro Soccer, Tornado, Firechicken, RobertoSport.

When and How I Started Playing

When and how I started playing: I used to hang out at a pool hall. I was too cheap to play pool. There was a foosball table. Later, I used to hang out at a bar. I was too anti-social to socialise. There was a foosball table.

How that led to Tournament Play

Eventually, either Peter Tielens, Ken Wolder, or Earl Nicol convinced me to come to a tournament at a different Vancouver area bar. In my first tournament, Shing Chow told me how to hold and wiggle goalie rods and how to shoot one specific shot; Shing went on to win the tournament single-handedly and a boat anchor was born. Then there were trips to Seattle where Earl and I played under the team moniker of Cheap and Sleazy. I was Cheap. That led to trips to Reno, Las Vegas, Dallas, and the self-inflicted economic ruin was set in motion.

Outside of Foosball

Is it possible to have a life outside of foosball? Back before most of the people reading this were born, I got an education and worked in software for a long time. Along the way I met and married a fabulous woman who, obviously, had poor judgment in men. I took up curling. I started balding. I got some more education. I continued balding. I returned to software as a technical architect and program manager but true evil requires something more so I became a lawyer. I continue to curl.

Title Won

Winner of 2016 Engineers Bonspiel. B Box Winner of 2016 Barry Naimark Charity Skins Bonspiel. International Cup 3rd Place at 2004 World Championships. U.S. National Champion 1994 State DYP. 9th Place Open Singles at 1994 U.S. National Championships. 2nd Place Open Singles at 2010 Washington State Championships. Finally, I earned the coveted Biggest Cry Baby award at a 2010 Seattle area tournament (and I have the trophy to prove it).