Surrey, BC

Years Playing

30+ years

Tables Played On

Million dollar, Dynamo, Tornado

When and How I Started Playing

I had laid eyes on my first foosball table in a place called Bumpers on a school field trip. Was walking by and a cute girl grabbed my arm and said I'm playing. Knowing absolutely nothing about foosball. I did what anybody else did. I spun the rods hard as I could muster. Fast forward 4 years later. I was told of an arcade named Honey Bee . At first I was only going for the arcade games and a little bit of pinball. Didn't know any friends to play foosball. But being a regular. I eventually got dragged in to play . Sound familiar? This time I was hooked. After a while. I played less video games and more and more foosball. To the point. Where that's all I played. So from roughly 1987 to 1995 I played on Million dollar. Dynamo. Then tornado. I was trying to play with the local big boys from about 1992 til 1995. Raising a kid took over and it wasn't until 1999 before I saw a tornado table again. But I had lost all contact with anybody good. Advancing to 2013. Rediscovered where the best players gathered. Boy oh boy. Did I ever get whooped! But I liked it. I missed the thrill. Now I'm back.

Title Won

2014 at Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. Pitted in doubles for a beginner first place. 2015 in a higher division placed 5th in rookie singles. 2016 pitted and came in second in rookie doubles. And came in second in amateur doubles with a different partner that same weekend. Finished 3rd as goalie in rookie dubs at World's. Then lastly. 2017 I finished second again in amateur doubles at H . O . F. I'm currently. In flux while I bring my forward game up to snuff.