Edmonton, AB

Years Playing


Tables Played On

Blue Top, Brown Top, Dynamo, Tornado

When and How I Started Playing

In our high school cafeteria there were two well-used tables (protected by a plastic bubble top so you couldn’t reach in) which cost 25 cents to play. It was a very popular activity for all between classes (and often instead of classes) on a “loser pay” basis. I didn’t have many quarters back then (more pennies perhaps) so I was determined to attain a level where I’d win far more than lose in order to stay on the table. Later in life I’d play the odd time with friends, until getting the foos itch again upon discovering and playing in a tournament at West Edmonton Mall in 2011. Since then I’ve been a regular in Edmonton’s foosball league, with occasional sojourns to North American tourneys.

Outside of Foosball

Make the best of each day on its merits. Enjoy playing other sports (hockey, soccer, golf etc.)

Title Won

Regular Top-3 finishes in local tournaments. Most recent “road trip” result was WCFC 2nd Place Expert Doubles.