I was born in England, but now live in Edmonton, Alberta

Year Playing

25 years total but started in 1979 at age 14 and played for 8 years then stopped for 13 years. Started playing again in 2000 until today

Tables Played On

Tournament Soccer Green Top, Blue Top, Brown Top, Pro Soccer, Dynamo, Tornado

When and How I Started Playing

In 1979, my older brother talked me into going halves with him on a tournament soccer blue top table. I started playing with him and his friends who at the time were the best players at the high school in Spruce Grove, Alberta. That led to playing at the local arcade a block from the high school. After high school I played for fun at West Edmonton Mall and met other players that were going to local tournaments. I started to go to tournaments with them and in 1985 I went to the World Championship held on Dynamo in Dallas, Texas. After I got back into foosball I went to a number of tournaments across Canada and the United States.

Outside of Foosball

My other passion in life is riding Motorcycles. I have a rather unique collection of BMW motorcycles, dirt bikes and dual sport bikes. I am semi-retired and own a small business that keeps me busy.

Title Won

I have had a few accomplishments over the years, I won AM doubles 2008 HOFC, AM singles 2011 HOFC, Goalie Wars 2011 HOFC, Back to Back Expert Singles on Warrior at Runaway Bay, I won Goalie Wars at Worlds 2015 and I have had various top 5 finishes in Expert doubles, Pro Doubles and Elite Doubles at Worlds and HOFC.