Toronto, ON

Years Playing

9 years competitively

Tables Played On

Tornado, Fireball, Warrior, Bonzini, Fastball, Garlando

When and How I Started Playing

I started playing foosball back in University around 1998. Before that, I used to play billiards but it became an expensive hobby, since you paid by the hour and tuition was not cheap. So one day I started messing around with the foosbal tablle in the University game room and local pool hall. It soon replaced billiards as a more affordable hobby. Since I didn’t have much money back then, I had to play hard to win every game. Because if I didn’t win, at 50 cents per game, I’d end up paying $15 a night. As the months and years went by my game improved and foosball became a part of my life.

How that led to Tournament Play

As with most other tournament players, I became the best player locally and got bored of winning all the time. My best friend – who’s also a very good foosball player – and I searched the internet for tournaments outside of Hamilton (Ontario). We started entering tournaments in cities like Burlington and after winning a few of them, we kept pushing ourselves to find bigger tournaments. I soon found out that the skill I had acquired playing in Hamilton didn’t quite compare to other parts of Ontario. I remember entering bigger tournaments and losing in the first two rounds. It took me a number of tournaments to make it deep into the brackets.

About a year into tournament play, I saw that the Ontario Table Soccer Association was running a big tournament in Toronto. My partner and I entered as the underdogs and ended up surprising a few players by placing 2nd in doubles. After that, I started setting higher goals for myself. I wanted to be the best foosball player in the Ontario Table Soccer Association (OTSA) so I entered every tournament I could and finished in the top 3 in most of them. In 2005, I became the OTSA player of the year.

Then in 2008, I was reunited with some old friends who told me about international table soccer competitions that were held across North America. The table they played on was Tornado and it was recognized as one of the five international tournament tables. I’ve been practicing and competing on this table ever since.

Title Won

  • 2011 Kentucky State Expert Mixed Champion
  • 2011 Kentucky State Expert Doubles Champion
  • 2011 Michigan State Expert Doubles Champion
  • 2011 Hawaii Point Race Winner
  • 2011 Kentucky State Pro Singles Runner-up
  • 2012 US Open DYP Runner-up
  • 2012 National Open DYP Champion
  • 2011 ITSF World Cup – Division 2 Champion (Team Canada)
  • 2012 Kentucky State Expert Doubles Champion
  • 2012 US Open Fireball Open Doubles Champion
  • 2012 Fireball World Championship Semi-Pro Doubles Champion
  • 2012 Fireball World Championship Semi-Pro Singles Champion