Edmonton, AB

Years Playing

Played since I was teen

Tables Played On

Dynamo, Tournament Soccer, Million dollar, Tornado

When and How I Started Playing

I grew up in Calgary and have been playing foos since I was a teen! I frequented the local arcade and one day a poster went up announcing a huge Table Soccer Tournament in Las Vegas! It was then that Pin-ball would take 2nd interest. I was then hooked on Foosball! It was rewarding that you could see improvement in ball control every game! At that time the tables were usually: Dynamo, Tournament Soccer and Million dollar, now Tornado rules the land. I went to my First tournament in Calgary and earned a shiny Trophy for 3rd place! That Trophy is special and still sits in front of the others, dust free in my office! One of my personal favorite memories in Foos was always meeting Tony S. and the lovely Moya T. Whenever they ventured to AB. and Sask they put on a clinic! I would move to Edmonton eventually with my company and Foos was put on hold. A new company, a new wife and 2 baby girls will do that!

How that led to Tournament Play

Eventually, I got word that a Pro from the US was coming to town to be challenged and promote foos leagues! Well finally my turn came and I would beat this guy! I confidently joined the league! I was new-guy and assigned Captain of 4 Newbies! We had a blast, and because it was Handicapped, we went large on those stacked teams earning a third place!

Outside of Foosball

Outside of Foosball I really enjoy sport fishing and travel. I once flew to Ottawa to enter a 3 day Large Mouth Bass Tournament and found myself on the Podium first day with a Ribbon! Whenever I holiday travel, I am naturally on the lookout for foos. I have played with locals in Brazil, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Mexico and Cuba!

Title Won

Some favorite achievements in foosball are Winning back to back Open Am DBs Titles locally in Feb and May of last year! I finally jumped on the tour and went to Texas in 2013 and earned a 2nd in AM Singles and a 3rd in Rookie DBs. I play in one form or the other 2 to 4 days a week of challenging foos! I am honored to be joining all these fine likeminded talented people who excel at the sport of Foosball!