Toronto, ON

Years Playing

9 years competitively

Tables Played On

Tornado, Fireball, Warrior, Fabi, Bonzini, Garlando

When and How I Started Playing

My father built our home table when I was 2 years old. He handcrafted the cabinet with his friend, and used Fabi parts for the surface. He taught me to play Italian fastball style; I still remember him constantly yelling, “Shoot! Just keep shooting!” I started so young that I had to be put on a stool so I could see over the side of the table – but I ALWAYS wanted to play. We had lots of fun memories playing against each other, my brother, and my uncles and cousins. I had been playing so much when I was young that by the time I was 5, my sister was bringing me to her university to hustle people for money games!

How that led to Tournament Play

When I was 16, I could easily beat all of my local friends and people at school, and I was bored. I found a fastball website from the Ontario Table Soccer Association, and played in fastball leagues and tournaments for a couple of years. In 2006, when I was 19, I stumbled across a Tornado Draw Your Partner at Einstein’s pub, downtown. Tournament-seasoned players were there, and they showed me a whole new way to play (consistent, high-percentage passing play), kicked my butt, told me about US tournaments, and I immediately realized there was a very low ceiling on fastball play; I wanted to learn MORE. My friend and I were very into it at the time, and we paid $1600 to get a low-end Tornado table shipped from the US to our dorm. We practiced all the time on it, until the opportunity arose to test our skills at an Ottawa tournament. We were SURE we would win it all – we couldn’t have been more wrong. I was hooked.

Outside of Foosball

Born and raised in Malton, Ontario. Attended University of Toronto for Industrial Engineering, and am now continuing with my Master’s degree at the same place. When I’m not playing foos, I’m watching movies (I watch A LOT of movies), reading, weightlifting, or skiing!

Title Won

  • 2009 Canadian National Champion
  • 2010 Michigan State Open Doubles Champion
  • 2010 Chicoutimi Bonzini Open Doubles Champion
  • 2011 Kentucky Tour Kick-off Pro Singles Champion
  • 2011 Worlds Pro Doubles Champion
  • 2011 ITSF World Cup – Division 2 Champion (Team Canada)
  • 2012 Toronto Fireball Open – Open Doubles Champion
  • 2012 Fireball US Open – Pro Singles & Doubles Champion
  • 2012 Fireball US Open – 3rd place Open Doubles
  • 2012 Michigan State – Pro Doubles Champion
  • 2012 New York State – Open Mixed Champion
  • 2013 Hall of Fame Classic – Pro Doubles Champion
  • 2013 Nationals : Elite Doubles Champion
  • 2013 Michigan State: Pro Doubles Champion
  • 2014 Hall of Fame Classic – Pro Doubles Champion
  • 2015 Norcal – Pro Doubles Champion
  • 2016 Maryland State – Pro Singles & Doubles Champion
  • 2016 Canadian Nationals – Tornado Open Doubles Champion
  • 2016 New York State – Pro Doubles Champion
  • 2016 Worlds – Pro Singles Champion