Born in Laval, moved to Montreal for studies and work. I just moved back in the suburbs, in Mascouche.

Years Playing

I started playing foosball a long time ago. At school, I played during lunch time. 15 years ago, I bought my first table, a garlando, with three friends and I ended up with it! I’ve never stopped playing since. I met good bonzini players in Montréal 7 years ago and learned a lot from them. I’ve been playing in almost every major bonzini tournament since then and some major multi-table tournaments.

Tables Played On

My tournament experience is mostly on Bonzini, but I’ve been playing on Garlando, Tornado and Fireball for a long time.

When and How I Started Playing

Throughout college and university, a lot of my friends played foos and in every place we’d party, there would be a table to play with. I still have the old garlando at home and I use to play on different tables every week in Montreal bars. It got more serious after I met some players who played « real » bonzini tournaments. I joined them 7 years ago and never looked back.

How that led to Tournament Play

I always loved sports, games and competition of all kinds. I couldn’t stop only at weekly DYPs, I had to try major tournaments too! At first, it was difficult to get use to Bonzini, but my defensive skills and good partners got me pretty far! I finally had a bonzini table at home for a while, so i got to practice more and got better during each tournaments. I organized a weekly DYP on Fireball for 5 years and organized foosball activities for kids, work-out session and day camps. All of this keeps the passion growing!

Outside of Foosball

I’ve been a high school teacher for 13 years in Montreal. I teach sciences and technology, mainly biology, to 15 years old kids. I try to play foos with them as much as I can! I lived in Montreal the passed 15 years and I just moved in a new house in Mascouche, new plans, with kids I wish! Outside of foos, work and renovating the house, I try to do some sport and see my friends and family as much as I can.

Title Won

  • Major bonzini Tournaments (AQBB) in Montreal, Québec et Trois-Rivières:
    • 2018: Women Singles: First place
    • 2018: Mixed Doubles: First place
    • 2018: Mixed Doubles: First place
    • 2018: Amateur Doubles: First place
    • 2018: Mixed Doubles: First place
    • 2018: Pro-Am Doubles: First place
    • 2018: Amateur Doubles: Second place
    • 2017: Mixed Doubles: First place
    • 2017: Women Doubles: First place
    • 2017: Mixed Doubles: First place
    • 2017: Mixed Doubles: First place
    • 2017: Women Singles: Second place
    • 2016: Pro-Am Doubles: Third place
    • 2016: Women Singles: First place