Toronto, ON

Years Playing

6 years competitively

Tables Played On

Tornado, Fireball, Fabi

When and How I Started Playing

It started off with my friends wanting to play competitively in foosball and I played pickup games with them. At first it was just for fun practicing with them on Tornado. I wanted to win at least one game playing against them, so I was practicing by myself. Then I slowly realized I got hooked on to it.

How that led to Tournament Play

I had no idea that foosball can be played competitively until my friends were talking about buying a Tornado table to practice for tournaments. The first year I played on Tornado I already went with my friends to Nationals in St. Louis. After going to my first tournament, that was how I realized I have a lot to learn before I can play competitively. So I started practicing with other players and going to more tournaments.

Outside of Foosball

I take care of other people as a registered nurse. I also like to travel when I have time. I try my best to go back to my hometown, Hong Kong, every year if possible to visit my family and for the food. I also like to go fishing during the summer.

Title Won

  • 2011 Kentucky State Expert Mixed – 2nd Place
  • 2011 Worlds Amateur Women’s Doubles Champion
  • 2011 Worlds Expert Mixed – 2nd Place
  • 2012 Worlds Amateur Women’s Doubles – 2nd Place