Toronto, ON

Years Playing

6 years competitively

Tables Played On

Tornado, Fireball, Fabi

When and How I Started Playing

I started playing casually on a Fabi table when I was in high school. I was first introduced to the game by my friends and eventually, I got pretty good at it. After a while, my brother and I started getting bored of playing Fabi and we were looking for more competition. We saw some local players playing on a different table – Tornado – so we decided to watch and try to pick up Tornado skills. We’ve now been playing for 2 years on Tornado and we haven’t stopped; we even got a friend of mine hooked in the process! We even drove from Toronto to North Carolina to buy a Tornado table. I’d say one of the big things that attracted me to foosball was that girls really have a great chance at beating up on guys!

How that led to Tournament Play

My first tournament was the Nationals tournament in St. Louis. My brother, my friend and I decided that we were going to participate in the tournament after a month of practicing (we were jokers). We wanted to prepare ourselves by scoping out our competitors via their Youtube videos. After watching the videos, we felt confident that we were going to do well. BOY, WERE WE WRONG. Playing on the table against other people and practicing were two different things. But that’s how I GOT HOOKED.

Outside of Foosball

I have my Early Childhood Education diploma, and I am currently in school for my Bachelor of Child Development. I also took Psychology and Teachers of Education at York University. Besides school, I love to go fishing and play badminton. Fishing is my pastime when I have a day off from work and, of course, if there is no foosball.

Title Won

  • 2011 New York State Women’s Singles Champion
  • 2011 New York State Women’s Doubles -2nd Place
  • 2011 New York State Master Limited Champion
  • 2011 Worlds Amateur Women’s Doubles Champion
  • 2011 Worlds Amateur Women’s Singles – 3rd Place
  • 2012 Worlds Amateur Women’s Doubles – 2nd Place
  • 2012 Worlds Amateur Women’s Singles – 2nd Place
  • 2012 Worlds Designated Mixed – 4th Place