Edmonton originally but Calgary now.

Years Playing

About 45, off and on, but always up for a game.

Tables Played On

Garlando, TS green, blue, brown top, Premier, Pro Soccer, Dynamo, Tornado, Fireball.

When and How I Started Playing

I first saw a table when I was about 9. The traveling rides came to town and at an arcade, in a tent, some carnies were playing. They were pretty good and though I didn’t play that day, I was hooked. The ball control and deception was so similar to real soccer, and it was very social what with all the activity going on around the table. Flash forward to my first year at university, Garlando, set shots, and we got schooled. Then TS and my first major, 76 Nationals in Minneapolis.

Outside of Foosball

Chess, bridge, computer games off-line, science, cybernetics, and art. I would have enjoyed being a race car driver, and of course, edibles.

Title Won

My favorites, Super Singles in Edmonton 1981, made second place in the tourny but took home a sportsmanship award. Then later on when I was perhaps not so nice, Western Canadian 2002 (Alberta Open really), first place Open Singles and Open Doubles.