Quebec City, QC

Years Playing

9 years competitively

Tables Played On

Bonzini, Tornado, Garlando, Fireball, Warrior

When and How I Started Playing

I started playing in college, missing some classes to play on the broken Garlando table in the hall. I really enjoyed playing so I bought a Cooper table to practice at home; that was obviously a bad choice. Three months later I bought a Garlando table, and that’s when I started to build up a real competitive game. At the time, I didn’t know a lot about foosball.

How that led to Tournament Play

I did some research on the web and I found weekly tournaments in Quebec. And that’s where I saw my first pin shot: on the Bonzini. I really wanted to learn shooting a good pin, but I thought the Garlando men were too light to have the same feeling on the ball… so I glued a big metal knot on the face of the man to get a closer feeling to the Bonzini. That was obviously a bad idea. 8 months later, I rented a Bonzini from the association, so I could finally get that pin shot to a good level… Anyway, that was just a funny fact!

Outside of Foosball

I work full time in a big electronic company. I take care of a part of the shipping, so I work on the computer a lot. I play a lot of music, that takes most of my free time. I compose and I play many instruments. I just finished building my house; I moved in at New Year. It is a very good place to live and I’m very proud and happy of the work I’ve done. I could probably say other stuff here but I covered the most important things!

Title Won

  • First place on 5 Quebec provincial Open Doubles
  • First place on 1 Quebec provincial Open Singles
  • First place on 1 Amateur World Championship
  • Second place on the last Bonzini World Cup team event